Tsachy Weissman

Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Tsachy Weissman has been on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford since 2003. When not too busy parenting he enjoys such hobbies as research and teaching. That he gets paid for pursuing them is a fact that astonishes him to this day and of which he has difficulty convincing his family. His research has focused on information theory, signal processing, statistical inference, and related areas, with particular recent attention to applications in genomic data compression and processing. He has served and still does on editorial boards for scientific journals, technical advisory boards in industry, and as founding director of the Stanford Compression Forum. But his favorite gig to date was as an advisor to the HBO show “Silicon Valley,” until he was terminated when it was realized his students and postdocs make for more creative and reliable consultants. He hates writing about himself in the third person.